Stress Less, Talk More with Aleš Plšek from Netflix

“Shipping Joy using “No Rules Rules” and Chaos Engineering”

Who talked and about what?

In this talk, we explored the unique culture and approach of Netflix to ship and deliver moments of joy to hundreds of millions of households around the world. The first talk was about the NoRules rules culture that enables engineers to solve challenges in the most effective and autonomous way, often inventing new principles, such as Chaos Engineering, along the way. And then we were talking about how Chaos Engineering helps Netflix safely and rapidly innovate.

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About Aleš Plšek (SW Engineer at Netlifx)

He is a member of the Resilience Engineering team at Netflix. His focus is on developing infrastructure experimentation platforms that enable Netflix engineers to safely experiment with resiliency of their systems. Aleš enjoys applying new technologies to develop robust and maintainable systems and the scale at Netflix has been a unique and exciting challenge. Prior to Netflix, Aleš was building resilient cloud infrastructure systems at Apple, Upthere and Oracle. Aleš received his PhD in Computer Science from University of Lille and MS in Computer Science from MFF at Charles University.

Stress Less, Talk more.

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