We are ShipMonk

I take this opportunity to write a first post to our ShipMonk Tech Blog to introduce you who we are and what we do.

ShipMonk is an american startup founded by czech guy Jan Bednar. Our business is FULLFILLMENT. You don’t know what does it mean? don’t worry…will try to explain it. If you have an eshop and don’t want to bother with products storage, orders packaging, gift card printing, communication with logistic companies like DHL, Fedex, etc….just send all of your products to our warehouses and then all you need to do is to start forwarding orders to us. We will do the rest! Easy!

We have 3 warehouses across US — Florida, Pennsylvania and California. The HQ is located in Florida where we also have our biggest warehouse.

And where is the RnD Center? all the Research and Development is done in Central Europe, in Prague (Czech republic). From that place we manage the cloud platform we have in AWS Cloud.

As for Jan 2021 we have 40 people in Prague and have plan to grow a more!

Wanna join us?


https://www.startupjobs.cz/startup/shipmonk (in czech)

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Martin Horský

ShipMonk Lead SW Engineer

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